Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has taken one of cinema’s premium advertising positions – the ‘Family Gold Spot’ – in a deal brokered by the Cinema Advertising Association.

From 1 August 2008 until 31 July 2009, Disney will be using the 60 second slot immediately before each family-oriented movie to promote their latest DVD releases.

Disney will use a bespoke creative for the sponsorship, renewed up to four times over the year to ensure that content remains engaging and powerful, and allowing a unique connection with the audience.

Children’s films now account for around half of the top ten films each year and industry predictions indicate that admissions will reach a massive 71 million for 2008’s family releases.

Disney Marketing Director Jo Bladen commented:

“This sponsorship will prove to be very effective for us because it allows us to engage with such a captive audience…..Our challenge will be to make the gold spot an entertainment experience in its own right and we have tremendous collateral to do just that.”