The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association and the UK Film Council, working with Screen Digest, have today announced a UK-wide programme of digital roadshows to raise awareness and understanding amongst the exhibition sector of issues around digital cinema.

The events, which will run from April – June at digitally-equipped venues across the country, will provide an overview of the financial, operational and technical issues around digital cinema operation and allow those attending to hear first-hand experience from colleagues on the opportunities and challenges presented by conversion from 35mm technology.

A number of the events will also focus on aspects of digital 3D cinema, interest in which has been boosted recently by the success of titles such as My Bloody Valentine and Bolt and anticipation of the upcoming Monsters vs Aliens.

The roadshows will be open to all UK exhibitors, including commercial and specialist cinemas, arts venues and film societies.

Announcing the proposed events, CEA Chief Executive Phil Clapp said:

“I am hugely grateful to colleagues at the UK Film Council and Screen Digest for their willingness to work with us and share their expertise. I see the roadshow events as an important opportunity for the wider exhibition sector to learn more and to discuss the key issues around digital cinema.”

“It seems clear that the current transition to digital is only likely to gather pace in the future. It is vital therefore that all exhibitors are armed with the facts to enable them to decide whether they want to make that change, and if so, on what timescale. In order that all can make informed business decisions, we need to ensure that as much objective information as possible has been made available.”

Commenting on the desire to involve as wide a range of exhibitors as possible, Peter Buckingham, Head of Distribution and Exhibition at the UK Film Council, added:

“The transition to digital cinema technology will impact at some point on everyone who currently exhibits films or wishes to do so in the future. Everyone shares the same issue here, no matter what type of venue or type of programme. Namely, how is the switch from 35mm to digital going to benefit their operations, and crucially how will it be funded. It is therefore vital that as many as possible working in this part of the sector fully understand the financial and operational implications.”

“We hope these events will provide a key opportunity for exhibitors and anyone working in this sector to engage with those who have first-hand experience of what it means to ‘go digital’.”

Full details of the events and information on how to apply to attend can be found here.

Dates and venues

Dates and venues for the events are as follows. All events will begin at 10.00am and finish by 3.00pm.

  • Monday 27 April – Cornerhouse, Manchester
  • Tuesday 28 April – Vue, Hull*
  • Wednesday 29 April – Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge
  • Friday 1 May – Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle
  • Thursday 7 May – Glasgow Film Theatre
  • Wednesday 13 May – Cineworld Cardiff*
  • Friday 15 May – Watershed, Bristol
  • Monday 1 June – Light House, Wolverhampton
  • Wednesday 3 June – Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast
  • Thursday 4 June – Odeon, Bayswater*

* It is planned that these events will include a demonstration of digital 3D cinema.

Further information

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