Cinema-goers across the UK will this week have their first chance to see a new cinema advert acknowledging the contribution they make in supporting the film industry in the UK.

The campaign – called You Make the Movies – recognises that by paying for a cinema ticket and not buying illegally recorded or downloaded versions of a film, each cinema audience member is helping ensure that all those involved in making the film are appropriately rewarded and that the industry can make more of the type of films that they and other cinema-goers enjoy.

The first ad, previewed here, is based on The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers. Further ads are planned for later in the year.

The campaign has been developed by the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, an alliance of organisations across the audio-visual industries, including the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association. As its name suggests, the Trust aims to tackle the issue of film theft through promoting consumer awareness of the damage done to the industry.

Welcoming the new advert, which will run in cinemas for the next four weeks, CEA Chief Executive Phil Clapp said:

“Film theft cost the industry around £526m last year, of which £183 million was lost to cinema box office. That is equal to two months’ whole income. Given those facts, our focus understandably remains on deterring the minority of people who steal or illegally obtain film content.

“But we also recognise that the vast majority of cinema-goers are willing to pay for their ticket in order to see films where they belong – on the big screen. The new campaign acknowledges that, and simply says thank you. I would encourage everyone who sees the ad in the cinema to take time to visit the You Make the Movies website, which contains many more entertaining clips, some posted by members of the public, and a great deal more information about the campaign.”

The You Make the Movies includes details of a competition which will allow one lucky entrant to win an all expenses paid trip to Universal studios in Hollywood.

Further information on the work of the Industry Trust for IP Awareness can be found here.