A new cinema trailer – the second under the ‘You Make the Movies’ banner – will start appearing on UK cinema screens from this week.

Like its predecessor, this ad – based on the classic horror movie Jaws – thanks cinema-goers for paying for their ticket and not buying illegally recorded or downloaded versions of a film.

The new trailer is part of a campaign developed by the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, an alliance of organisations across the audio-visual industries, including the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association.

As its name suggests, the Trust aims to tackle the issue of film theft through promoting consumer awareness of the damage done to the industry. More info can be found at www.copyrightaware.co.uk

Welcoming the new advert, which will run in cinemas for the next four weeks, CEA Chief Executive Phil Clapp said:

“Audience reaction to the first ad seems to have been overwhelmingly favourable. Cinema-goers do not want to be lectured; they do want to be entertained.”

“The new ad, like its predecessor, uses humour to recognise that through their willingness to pay for a ticket, each cinema audience member is helping ensure that all those involved in making the film are appropriately rewarded and that the industry can make more of the type of films that they and other cinema-goers enjoy. That deserves to be recognised.”

More information and materials around the You Make the Movies campaign can be found at You Make the Movies.