The CEA has today joined industry partners in welcoming this week’s Government announcement of proposals to strengthen and accelerate measures intended to tackle those who persistently engage in illegal file-sharing.

A letter sent today to The Times newspaper by Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive at the BPI, and backed by the CEA and a range of other organisations, reads as follows:

‘The success of Britain’s creative industries is fundamental to this country’s economic future.  But as our film, music, games and publishing businesses go digital, their ability to invest in creating high quality content that millions enjoy is fatally undermined by illegal filesharing.  This has a direct impact on current and future employment opportunities for the British creative workforce and on innovation in new digital content services.

This problem demands urgent action and the Government deserves credit this week for proposing modifications to accelerate and strengthen the measures proposed in Digital Britain.

We agree that any measures to tackle online copyright infringement must be fair and proportionate, as well as effective.  We are committed to working with Government and internet service providers to ensure this. A digital environment which properly rewards creativity will unlock enormous value for the British economy and deliver benefits to creators, broadband providers and most importantly, consumers.’

Further details on the Government proposals can be found here: