The programme of digital ‘roadshow’ events delivered jointly by the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association and the UK Film Council over the last few months has been hailed as ‘a great success’.

As a summary of key issues discussed during the roadshow programme is issued this week by the CEA, Chief Executive Phil Clapp reflected on the experience of running the events:

“The aim of the roadshows was to set out clearly the opportunities and challenges presented by digital cinema technology; not an attempt to ‘sell’ digital cinema, but to provide a forum in which issues and concerns could be discussed.

Over eleven events across the UK, attended by over 350 people, I think we heard a clear message that there is a willingness on the part of operators to embrace this new technology, but also that a number of areas of concern remain.

First and foremost amongst these is of course around how to finance conversion, something we are exploring through our parallel work looking at the feasibility of establishing a funding group, and on which we plan to make an announcement shortly.

In providing an opportunity for operators to hear and discuss the various issues, I think the roadshows were a great success. I am very grateful to colleagues at the UK Film Council, with whom we jointly delivered the programme, and at Screen Digest for their support. But in particular I would like to thank all of those exhibitors who came along on the day to share their experience and viewpoints.”

The CEA this week published a summary of key issues raised at the roadshow events, as a supplement to the Q and A briefing on digital cinema supplied to those attending.