Following a large number of recent media enquiries, the CEA today released the following statement on the issue of DVD release windows.

“The CEA cannot comment on the current media coverage around the release of Alice in Wonderland in the UK. Discussions between cinema companies and Disney remain a commercial matter here as they would with any other studio. The decision on whether or not to play this or any other film is one for each company alone to take.

In general terms, the CEA strongly supports the maintenance of a clear and exclusive ‘window’ between a film’s theatrical release and its release on other platforms. In recent years the average window has been around four months.

The CEA believes that maintenance of the window will ensure that audiences continue to enjoy the widest possible range of films in their intended environment, the cinema theatre. It is the unique nature of the cinema experience which means that so many cinemas across the UK remain key focal points for their local communities.”