The CEA has today published its 2010 Annual report, setting out the activities undertaken by the Association in the last year, and its position on a number of key challenges facing the sector.

Commenting on the report  – which can be downloaded here – CEA Chief Executive Phil Clapp said:

“2010 was another strong year for cinema-going in the UK.

It was also the year that digitisation truly took hold, with implications for almost every aspect of the way cinema operation will function going forward.

During the year, the CEA worked across a wide range of issues including not just digitisation, but also film theft, disability and access, music rights, film classification, alternative content, energy efficiency and food hygiene.

2010 also saw major changes to the institutional landscape for film in the UK, with the announcement of the abolition of the UK Film Council and consideration by Government of what a new infrastructure should look like. The CEA played an active role in helping to shape those discussions and looks forward to continuing to do so here – as on many issues – into 2011.

The Association remains grateful as always for the enthusiastic support and commitment of all its members as it seeks to support operators large and small in ensuring that as many of the public as possible choose to see films in their natural environment – the cinema theatre.”