Aware of the interest that press, public and industry colleagues have in the health of the UK cinema industry, the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association has today published the first of a regular series of monthly updates on key statistics about the sector.

Drawing on a variety of sources, the Cinema Barometer will cover box office, admissions, top 10 films and market share as well as progress on industry issues such as the provision of subtitled screenings and the ongoing digitisation of UK cinemas.

Welcoming the first edition, covering data up to the end of October 2012, CEA Chief Executive Phil Clapp said:

‘We know from monitoring use of our website that many people value the data and statistics we provide there. The new Cinema Barometer is intended to provide a handy one-stop resource for those interested in learning more.

We are grateful to those colleagues across the industry who have offered up their data for inclusion.’

Download first edition of the Cinema Barometer