The CEA has warmly welcomed today’s announcement that in future screen advertising will no longer be subject to dual regulation through the British Board of Film Classification and the Cinema Advertising Association.

Previously, cinema was the only medium subject to a dual clearance regime. With this change, the industry can fully embrace the opportunities that digitisation offers, while still maintaining the classification standards for film that the BBFC has delivered.

The CAA has ensured that screen advertising is compliant with advertising codes of practice, and has worked alongside the BBFC for many years. Public protection will remain at the forefront of screen advertising regulation, and the CAA will continue to work with the Advertising Standards Association to ensure that the UK sector remains World-leading in this area.

Welcoming today’s announcement, CEA Chief Executive Phil Clapp said:

‘One of the many benefits of digitisation of the UK cinema sector will be the greater flexibility that it allows when it comes to screen advertising. This welcome announcement removes one of the key hurdles to the industry’s ability fully to realise that potential and compete on a level playing field with other media such as television and online.”

Full Government announcement.

Press Notice welcoming this announcement, issued on behalf of the CEA and CAA.