The CEA has this week published its 2013 Annual Report, providing a comprehensive overview of its activities during last year.

The report – which can be found here – provides an account both of the fortunes of the UK cinema sector during 2013, and of the work of the CEA around advocacy, lobbying and advice to its members.

Commenting on the report, CEA Chief Executive Phil Clapp said:

‘While box office results were mixed across the year, 2013 nevertheless represented a watershed for UK cinema, with the completion of the move to full digitisation heralding a new era for the sector. Already we are seeing the establishment of a new relationship with our audience as we look to take advantage of the flexibility and acces to new forms of content which digital technology provides.

The 2013 Annual Report provides an overview of the headlines across a range of areas of activity by the Association. As befits the close-knit nature of the cinema and film sector, few if any would have been possible without the involvement of industry partners, as well of course as the whole-hearted support and commitment of cinema operators of all sizes and locations.’