A new cinema trailer promoting awareness of accessible cinema screenings is due to hit UK screens later this month.

The UK cinema sector is a world leader in the provision of subtitled and audio described screenings for those with a hearing or visual impairment. Following the conversion of all sites to digital projection technology, all are capable of showing subtitled screenings. And over half can also provide audio description.

However, despite this, take up of these screenings remains quite low, with not enough cinema-goers who might benefit from these developments seemingly aware of the opportunities that now exist for them to enjoy the latest movie releases.

In an attempt to address this, last year the CEA – in partnership with members of its Disability Working Group – supported the development and distribution of a new short cinema trailer to promote the availability of these services in UK cinemas.

The CEA would like to thank Deluxe Digital and Encore for their technical expertise and generosity in producing the trailer.

To find out what subtitled and audio described films are showing in your area, visit Your Local Cinema for weekly listings.