The 2014 BFI Statistical Yearbook  – published this week – confirms that UK film industry remains a leading player in a highly competitive global industry, with annual turnover in 2013 of £7.3 billion and an 11 per cent share of the global box office.

UK box office receipts exceeded £1 billion for the third successive year, proving cinema’s enduring appeal and staying power in an increasingly challenging leisure and entertainment market.

A record 698 films were released during 2013 – an average of 13 per week and 51 more titles than in 2012. With more films released in cinemas than ever before, competition for audiences has never been higher, but the range of films available, the ways in which audiences can enjoy them, and the appetite for film viewing continues to grow.

For the first time, animation was the UK’s favourite genre with £247 million (21 per cent of the total box office) taken across all 33 animation releases, led by Despicable Me 2, which grossed box office of £47 million and sustained a 35 week release (up to 23 February 2014). Also featuring in the top 20 were Frozen (£9 million), Monsters University (£31 million), The Croods (£27 million) and Wreck-it Ralph (£24 million).

Other highlights from the BFI Statistical Yearbook include:

  • UK films took $4.1 billion at the global box office, an 11 per cent share of the world market (15% in 2012)
  • Young people aged 7-24 remained the UK’s biggest cinema fans in 2013, making up 47 per cent of total admissions.
  • Audiences aged over 45 showed a strong preference for independent UK films Sunshine on Leith, Quartet, Rush, and Philomena.
  • – Philomena and Rush were amongst the 3 highest grossing UK independent films worldwide.

The full 2014 BFI Statistical Yearbook can be found at the BFI website.