The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association has rebranded as the UK Cinema Association, the aim of the rebrand being to present a more modern and progressive image for the organisation and the sector it represents, one more reflective of a fully-digital sector.

Association Chief Executive Phil Clapp explained the move as follows:

‘A change in name and brand is something that I and fellow Board members have been considering for quite a while. The term ‘cinema exhibitor’ is not one which many people – audience members in particular – have used for a long time, if ever. It seemed sensible for the organisation to have a name which more closely reflected the role of its members, which is to operate cinemas. The current name had in fact only been in existence since 1988, having been changed from the Cinematograph Exhibitors’ Association; this latest change in truth therefore represents some unfinished business in that regard.

I know that some may retain a nostalgic affection for the old name, but the vast majority of members have embraced the change enthusiastically, recognising it as more appropriate for a modern, forward-looking and now full digital sector.’

At the same time as announcing its rebrand, the Association also published its annual report for 2014, a year which it is acknowledged was challenging for many in the exhibition sector.

Commented Clapp:

‘I think we would all agree that the film slate did not, for much of last year, engage audiences in the way we would have hoped. That said, there were still reasons for positivity: many smaller commercial operators continued to thrive; and British independent film had a very successful year.

And the strong end to the year has continued into 2015, with a range of films attracting huge audiences in the early months. Looking ahead to the rest of the year and beyond, the sector has reason to be incredibly optimistic.’