Thomas Dillon has been appointed as the new Chair of the Film Complaints Panel, the industry body established to adjudicate on competition disputes within the UK cinema sector.

Dillon’s appointment was announced today by the Film Distributors’ Association and the UK Cinema Association, the trade bodies representing the interests of UK film distributors and cinema operators respectively, each of which is also formally represented on the Panel.

The body was established following the publication of “Film: A report on the supply for films for exhibition in the UK”, a 1994 report by the (then) Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Noting a number of industry practices which were of concern to individual operators, the report proposed the establishment of a dispute resolution panel to address any such issues as they arose.

Although in the years since its establishment, the Panel has only adjudicated on a small number of cases, its continued existence is seen as an importance commitment by companies on all side of the cinema sector to ensuring that the interests of the customer remain paramount.

Welcoming his appointment, Thomas Dillon said:

“The Film Complaints Panel shows an industry regulating itself to preserve fair competition in the consumer interest. I am honoured and delighted to contribute to its work.”

The previous Chair of the Panel, Stan Fishman, CBE, stood down from the position in 2014.

The full joint Press Notice can be found here.