UK Cinema Association members across the country will for the new few weeks show their support for a nationwide push to broaden the range of young people considering a career in the UK’s thriving film and TV industries.

Many sites will be showing a series of on-screen adverts to promote the campaign, which has been developed by the industry-led skills body ScreenSkills.

Find Your Future in Film and TV aims to introduce the wide range of jobs available behind the camera with the aim of helping the UK’s world-famous industries find and new and diverse talent.

The campaign – which aims to inspire people to explore the opportunities that are available in the film and television sector – features seven people working in the industry in a variety of different job roles and explains how they got in and what they do.

The film and television industries, which include animation and VFX (visual effects), alongside games, use many skills and expertise that already exist outside the film and television industry, such as carpentry, plastering, design, sewing and fitting, finance management, marshalling and logistics. We are also interested in talking to people with this experience.

Welcoming the campaign, ScreenSkills Chief Executive Seetha Kumar said:

“Most people don’t seem to know about the range of jobs available in the world of film and television. Whatever your personality or range of skills, there is likely to be a job behind the camera that might suit you and a career that could be rewarding. We hope to encourage people to investigate opportunities.”

The campaign has been brought to UK cinema screens with the generous support of colleagues at the screen advertising agency Digital Cinema Media (DCM).

You can find out more about the campaign here.