The National Film and Television School (NFTS) is pleased to continue to work closely with the UK Cinema Association to provide funding for its renowned Marketing, Distribution Sales and Exhibition (MDSE) MA.

The two-year, full-time course is dialled into the industry, giving students specialist knowledge, insights and hands-on work experience, as well as developing a strong network of contacts that proves invaluable throughout their careers as NFTS graduates.

A long standing partner of the School, the Association has provided numerous scholarships and financial support to students studying Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition, increasing the accessibility of the MA and contributing to a more diverse talent pipeline within the industry.

In January 2024, the NFTS was pleased to welcome the latest UK Cinema Association scholar, Emma Davis (pictured below), to start her training.

Emma said:

 “I’m hugely grateful to the UKCA for having received their scholarship this year. I feel very lucky to be an MDSE student at the NFTS. There are so many exciting opportunities here to attend