It was with deep sorrow that the UK Cinema Association learnt today of the passing of Kailash ‘KC’ Suri, founder of REEL Cinemas.

KC has been a force of nature on our industry in recent decades, establishing Reel as a key player in the sector and still a growing enterprise, most recently with the opening of their new multiplex site in Farnham.

Born in India and arriving in the UK in 1981, KC’s entrepreneurial spirit saw him take on variety of roles, including selling ice cream to spearheading multiple successful ventures, including a sports equipment business, fruit and vegetable wholesale, hotels, property, and, most notably, REEL Cinemas, established in 2001 with his acquisition of the then Curzon Loughborough.

Since that time, under his stewardship, REEL has grown to a circuit of 16 sites, varying from art deco venues to modern multiplexes, most recently opening the six-screen REEL Farnham.

Through his tireless commitment to his company work and his engagement with the wider industry, KC has left an indelible mark and will be very much missed.

Our deepest sympathies to KC’s family and to his friends and colleagues.