Membership of the UK Cinema Association is open to all of those owning and/or operating cinemas in the UK. By joining the Association, you will ensure that your voice is heard in tackling some of the key challenges facing the cinema sector today.

What are the benefits of joining the UK Cinema Association?

You will add to the collective strength of the exhibition sector in pressing its case with Government on issues such as regulation.

You will be helped and supported in understanding and dealing with the wide range of legislation and regulation which impacts on your day to day operations, drawing not just on the expertise and advice of the UK Cinema Association office, but also the wider Association membership through a regular programme of networking activities.

How do I join?

Given the circumstances of the last year and more, the UK Cinema Association has continued to offer all members a significant discount on membership fees for 2022, this equating to a ‘flat fee’ of £90 plus VAT per screen.

If you would like to discuss membership further, please do contact us.