The prices of both cinema tickets and cinema food and drink reflect the costs of running a modern cinema theatre.

Average cinema ticket prices in the UK compare favourably with almost any other form of out-of-home family entertainment.

The average price for a standard UK cinema ticket in 2023 was £7.92, with most operators offering additional individual and family discounts, including the MEERKAT MOVIES 2 for 1 ticket promotion on a Tuesday or Wednesday each week. More on that promotion here.

Comparable prices for activities such as sports matches, theatres or bowling are generally significantly higher.

This price reflects not just the staffing and energy costs of running a cinema, but also the high investment requirement now needed to ensure that customers have the best possible experience and are able to benefit from the most up to date technology in sound and vision.

Prices inevitably vary from area to area, reflecting the variation in business costs including business rates, staff costs and utilities.

On cinema food and drink, any premiums charged are no different from those found for example in other leisure facilities such as football stadia or theatres across the country.

All cinemas rely on income from food and drink to make their businesses viable – for all films, only a proportion of box office revenue goes to the cinema itself. Without this income, the cost of cinema tickets for everyone would need to be higher. This would in turn mean less people were able to afford to go to the cinema in the first place.

Most cinemas prefer that customers do not bring in their own food and drink, but will only generally prevent them from doing so only arise where that food is likely to impact on the enjoyment of other audience members.

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