Investment in the cinema environment has resulted in the installation of systems capable of astonishing sound quality.

While this is welcomed by the vast majority, the Association is aware that on occasion it does give rise to concerns about sound levels.

No cinema operator would of course wish to cause discomfort to audience members. Cinema technicians regularly test sound levels and set them within a comfortable range. Notwithstanding this, cinemas also operate within the established guidelines for noise exposure for employees as set out in the Health and Safety (The Control of Noise at Work) Regulations 2005.

With regard to audience exposure to noise, there is no similar statutory standard, but cinemas tend to use the criteria specified in the 2005 Regulations as an authoritative guide. In practice, the actual levels in theatres are generally set well below the upper recommended limit.

Any member of the audience who is experiencing discomfort about the noise levels within a cinema theatre should let a member of staff know.

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