The conversion of the UK cinema sector to digital projection technology is now complete.

This technology enhances the cinema-going experience in terms of picture quality, more diverse programming and in offering audiences the chance to experience cutting-edge digital 3D.

Recognising the financial challenge presented by the transition to many small and medium-sized cinema operators, in 2009, the Association established the Digital Funding Partnership (DFP), a grouping of over 100 member companies representing almost 300 screens.

Through the hard work and ingenuity of those steering this group, in 2010 the DFP struck a financing deal which would allow all members to digitise at an affordable cost; the roll-out of this new technology across the group was completed in September 2013.

The DFP model, which was unique in Europe, ensured the survival of a large number of cinema serving isolated or rural communities. It was only possible with the support of the UK Cinema Association and the largest UK circuit companies.

blue cinema screen