The following questions cover a number of key areas for consideration when programing and hosting an autism friendly screening at your cinema.

All of the answers to these questions can be found within the training video you just watched. More information can also be found in the AFS written guide (PDF, 2MB).

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    Understanding autism

    Questions (you can select multiple answers)

    1. Which of the following statements are true of people with autism?

    The cinema adjustments

    Questions (you can select multiple answers for each question)

    1. What changes do you need to make to the lighting in the auditorium?

    2. What changes do you need to make to the sound levels in the auditorium?

    3. What could you do in advance to make the autism-friendly screening less stressful for your audience members?

    4. When hosting an autism-friendly screening when should the film ideally start?

    5. What items can guests take into the screening?

    6. What can staff do to communicate with your autism-friendly audience more effectively?

    7. What is the best times to consider when programming an autism-friendly screening?

    8. What should be considered when someone is booking a seat for an autism-friendly screening?

    9. What should you consider when adapting the toilet facilities for autism-friendly screenings customers?

    10. How can you ensure your customers are supported during the film?

    11. What could you do to help promote your autism-friendly screenings to the right audience?

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