In 2017, the Alzheimer’s Society and the BFI Film Audience Network joined forces with the UK Cinema Association to produce a written guide to help cinema’s introduce regular dementia-friendly screenings across the UK.

Since then, the sector has seen the steady growth of dementia-friendly screenings – which require cinemas to make a number of subtle adjustments to support those with dementia and other related conditions – which have now become a particular feature of recent years.

To accompany the written guide, a training video was also produced in 2021 to help cinemas and their staff programme and run dementia friendly screenings.

While COVID impacted on the provision of dementia-friendly screenings, there is a determination to return to the levels of service available pre-pandemic.

Download a comprehensive guide for cinemas on how to put on a dementia friendly screening (PDF, 2MB).

Please view the training video here:

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