This section of the website has been designed to provide an overview of the UK cinema sector. The separate section on this website providing key facts and figures about the industry might also be useful.

The core objective of the industry has remained unchanged for almost a century – to provide audiences with a consistently excellent ‘big screen’ experience.

That said, the cinema business has had to constantly reinvent itself to ensure it has continued to offer the best possible experience to customers at an affordable price. In addition to bringing a diverse range of content to screens, cinemas have to consider their food and drink and other hospitality offers as well as the comfort of their cinemas, ticket prices and promotions and providing for a range of customer needs. All this falls within the overall aim of making a trip to the cinema as enjoyable an experience as possible, one that will make audience members want to return again and again.

The most recent change to the industry – the transition to digital cinema technology – was one of the most fundamental shifts in the history of the sector, and has allowed the traditional cinema offer to expand to give audiences even greater choice in what they see.

The following sections explain some of the core functions of cinema operation, as well as the relationship with other parts of the industry.