Cineworld, Odeon, Vue, Showcase and Empire Cinemas are amongst the many UK cinemas that have once again come together to support a nationwide programme of Autism Friendly Screenings.  With support from autism support provider Dimensions and the UK’s leading autism charity, The National Autistic Society, these screenings will provide a further boost to the UK’s growing cinema audience of people with autism.

Over 900 Autism Friendly Screenings will take place around the country between Saturday 26 March and Sunday 10 April; with more than 200 screenings taking place on World Autism Awareness Day itself, Saturday 2 April.

Over the last few years – and in particular following the success of last year’s campaign – an increasing number of UK cinema operators have begun programming regular Autism Friendly Screenings for their local communities. World Autism Awareness Day provides cinemas with an ideal opportunity to celebrate that fact.

What are Autism Friendly Screenings?

Autism Friendly Screenings are screenings that are subtly adapted to create an environment that is more welcoming for people with autism, learning disabilities and cognitive disorders.

They have sound levels turned down, the lights left on at a low level and there are no trailers at the beginning of the film.

Film-goers can bring their own food and drinks to the cinema and are able to make noise, move around and sit where they feel comfortable.

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Who can benefit from them?

These screenings are usually referred to as Autism Friendly Screenings (AFS) although some exhibitors use the term ‘relaxed’ or ‘sensory’ screenings.  They were originally developed to help people with conditions such as autism and Asperger’s Syndrome visit the cinema. However, experience has shown such screenings can benefit other people with a broad range of cognitive conditions.

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